We rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  Hope doe not disappoint us because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given us.   Romans 5:  3-5   

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American Overall Championship Game: JULY 9, 2:15PM OC1
National Overall Championship Game: JULY 9, 3:30PM OC1

                      EXHIBITION GAMES                                 TUESDAY    JULY 6, 2010  

9:00AM       OC5                   OGDL   ANDERSON                            vs                            OREGON CITY BLK


9:00AM       GR                      ECBA PIONEERS                                vs                            MID VALLEY MONARCHS


10:20AM    OC5                    COLUMBIA CASCADES                   vs                            MILE HIGH GOLD


10:20AM    GR                      COLO HOOPSTERS BLACK            vs                            ARLINGTON SWOOSH


11:40AM    OC5                   UTAH SWOOSH RED                         vs                            SAN JOSE CAGERS BLUE


11:40AM    GR                      CLOUD 9 STORM                               vs                             IDAHO LIBERTY


1:00PM       OC5                    CBC BLACK                                        vs                            MISSION REC BLUE


2:15PM       OC5                    NORTH TARTAN                               vs                           BOULDER ROCKIES BLACK


3:30PM       OC5                    TEAM FT WORTH                             vs                            NEW MEXICO HEAT


6:15PM       OC5                    MINN METRO STARS                       vs                           E BAY XLPOSION BLK 1


7:30PM       OC5                    SPOKANE STARS BLUE                 vs                            WC PREMIER BLACK


7:30PM       GR                       SALESIAN FORCE ELITE               vs                            AZ THUNDER BLACK


7:30PM       PUT2                  WIGGINS WAVES                              vs                            SAGEBRUSH NW


7:30PM       CAN3                 SAC ELITE                                           vs                            ARIZONA STING


8:45PM       OC5                    WICHITA BEARCATS                      vs                            WAY TO WIN GOLD





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